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Multivendor marketplace

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Multivendor Marketplace is the best free front end multi-vendor marketplace plugin on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce. It helps you to build your own dream marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Airbnb, or Flipkart.

In the price is included:

FLEXIBLE COMMISSION TYPES – You can set the commission rules and commission mode for vendors as per their choice from the frontend. The plugin gives extensive options to admin for paying the commissions to the vendor such as percentage, fixed, Percent+fixed, by vendor sales, product price, and by purchase quantity.

WITHDRAWAL & REVERSE WITHDRAWAL – With this feature, you can set up the withdrawal rule and disburse payments to vendors as required. Additionally, the plugin supports a reverse withdrawal mechanism which will allow the vendor to pay commissions to admin if required. Read more about withdrawal and reverse withdrawal.

REFUND – you can easily configure the refund settings for their store, it allows you to check if refunds are auto-approved and set up the threshold number of days for a permissible refund.

LEDGER BOOK – Vendor Ledger Book gives vendors and admin the easiest way to check all their store transactions – commission, withdrawal, refund, partial-refund, and charges, the best part is, you can avail this from your frontend.

ENQUIRY MANAGER – the platform allows customers to raise inquiries under each product. Vendors will be notified instantly for a new query and all previous inquiries will be also listed as FAQ. The entire system is prompted in the frontend and it serves as a direct mechanism of communication between buyer and seller.

STORE POLICIES – You can now define all types of policies for their store and products directly from the frontend, thus reducing the hassle to a great extent.

STORE HOURS – The frontend manager allows the vendors to set their store’s open and closing hours. They may also set the week off days using this feature.

STORE REVIEW – You can now configure the review settings so as to manage the reviews given for the store accordingly.

STORE SHIPPING – This feature allows you to set up the shipping management system for their store. You can configure the shipping options by Country, Zone, or Weight directly from Frontend.

STORE GEOLOCATION & RADIUS SEARCH – Location/address for a product is really challenging feature. You will have plenty of options to do so. GEO my WP, MapPress Easy Google Map, Toolset Maps, and Address Geocoder all are fully compatible.

SINGLE PRODUCT MULTI-VENDOR – The frontend manager allows the owner to allocate a particular product to 2 or more vendors for selling thus ensuring more sales.

STORE SEO – Vendors can configure the SEO of their store individually by placing the appropriate keywords from the frontend.

STORE ARTICLE – Articles against individual stores can be published by users directly from the frontend. This ensures more authenticity and better sales for your store.

STORE COUPON – Vendors can configure and generate coupons for their store from the frontend directly.

MEDIA MANAGER – Vendors will be able to manage the media files from the frontend editor and thus can easily configure them as per requirement without accessing the admin panel of the site.

CATALOG MODE – Vendors can configure to list their product in catalog mode directly from the front-end of the site.

NOTIFICATIONVendors, as well as admin, will get notifications of the activities in the store.

ANNOUNCEMENT – You will have a full feature notice/announcement board wherein one can see all the activities performed. This can be even used as a store forum and vendors can reply against a topic.

KNOWLEDGE BASE – It’s very difficult to inform everything to all vendors over mail or chat. It will give you an in-build knowledge base for your storage vendors. You can set your instructions and it will available to all vendors.

CAPABILITY MANAGER – You can easily manage the capabilities of different users such as vendors, staff, and managers. This allows the store owner to have complete authority over the store and filter the access as required to the users.

MENU MANAGER – This allows you to configure the menu of your store easily with better flexibility directly from the frontend.

EMAIL SETTINGS – You can now configure your preferred email address for different email notifications via email settings provided by the platform, it gives you powerful options to configure your mail settings directly from the frontend.

ANALYTICS – Analytics is the most important key for your marketing strategies, and we understand that. Besides advanced sales reports, you will also have store and product analytics which will help you to plan your sales strategy.

Besides all these, you will have many more cool features, like screen manager, profile manager, table rate shipping, withdrawal request, etc.





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